Bringing the Text to Life

Church Behaving Badly Acts 10:34-43

Church Behaving Badly

What the world needs now is not more Christians who will "bear witness," but more Christians who will "be a witness."

Perhaps you've heard of it. Perhaps you've even had the misfortune of seeing it. I am referring to the sitcom, Men Behaving Badly, an NBC version of a television series by the same name first broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1992. The show is set in Indianapolis and its apparent appeal lies in the outrageous behavior and disgusting habits of two barely post-adolescent men trying both to make a living and to keep their girlfriends.

I was reminded of this program when I heard of a visitor to Orcas Island, Washington, who dropped off his rental car and began the half-mile walk back to his rented cottage. He was loaded down with two backpacks, camera cases and an overnight bag. A van passed by him. Then it pulled over suddenly and stopped a hundred yards in front of him.

Out of the car stepped two young, sharply dressed Jehovah's Witnesses. Loaded down with the most current issue of the "Watch Tower," one proceeded to the porch of the next house, while the other walked back toward the ...

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