Bringing the Text to Life

MegaGrace Acts 4:32-35

One of the most reassuring aspects of Christian life is the knowledge that we do not have to do everything on our own. The challenge of living a Christ-like life is made possible through the gift of great grace - megacharis - from the Spirit. Ever responsive to our needs, it appears that the more obstreperous and quarrelsome our "Christian" communities the more grace becomes available, enabling the ongoing mission of the church to survive despite itself.

The focus on "great grace" as it is presented in this week's text from Acts invites you to discuss with your congregation one of the most powerful and poignant messages of the Bible - the unmerited gift of God's grace to every one of us. Perhaps no aspect of the biblical message has moved the people and politics of the Church as profoundly as grace. This "crucial eccentricity of the Christian faith" (Frederick Buechner) that declares we are saved by grace is so hard for us to grasp that it has required repeated and sometimes radical reinterpretation over the centuries.

There are all sorts of "mega" experiences and promises available to people today. A brief rundown of books with "mega" in their titles reveals the possibility of Megabrains (1986), Megalearning and Megateaching (1985), Megalopolis (1961), Megadollars (1990), Megasystems for Megabucks (1988), Megabusiness (1990), Megaprofit (1983), Megamoney (1990), Megatruth (1987), Megatrends (1988), Megavitamins (1990), Meganutrients ...

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