Bringing the Text to Life

The MEGO Factor Ephesians 2:1-10

The MEGO Factor

When our eyes glaze over and we find ourselves in a fog, we've got to hit the Manual and rediscover the Four Ways to Fly Blind.

Don't write letters.

Many of us love Al Gore. He is a decent man. If he gets the Democratic nomination and is elected President of the United States next fall, the country will be in good hands.

He is also the highest-ranking dull man in the United States. At least this is what the polls suggest. Perception is reality.

He is vanilla pudding in a hot salsa world. Brown shoes with a blue suit. A Wooden Man Walking.

The National Council of Dull Men argue, however, that dull is not necessarily boring. "Dull men accept their dullness. Boring men are dull men who actually believe they're interesting." It's the difference between Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin.

To his credit, Gore the Bore has tried to shed his image. He laughs about the jokes at his expense, and tells a few on himself. He has even indulged in some gangsta rap, jabbing the Republicans ("We say legislate, they say investigate; We say educate, they say escalate").

Doesn't matter. When Gore, Bradley, Forbes, Bush, McCain ...

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