State of Readiness

State of Readiness

Sunday, November 27, 2022
| Matthew 24:36-44

Jesus warns us to be ready for his return. What does he mean?

The Boy Scout motto is the same as the Girl Scout motto: “Be Prepared.” This means when you set out on a wilderness expedition, you are ready for a rattlesnake bite, a sprained ankle, a giardia infection (usually followed by a nasty case of diarrhea), mountain sickness, poison ivy, wet or cold weather, a lacerated arm, the sudden appearance of a grizzly bear or mountain lion, sunstroke and dehydration. Or, in the words of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouts, you’re prepared “for any old thing.”

That’s why a good Scout always has a first-aid kit at the ready, as well as a pocketknife, rain gear, flashlight, map, compass, matches, water bottle, sun protection, food and extra clothes to prepare for a variety of contingencies.

But readiness can apply to other situations as well. What if there were a medical crisis in the home?

Is a first-aid kit available quickly? Are emergency phone numbers on hand? Is the home protected by a...

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