I Can Christian Today

I Can Christian Today

Sunday, October 27, 2019
| 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18

A HuffPost contributor notes that sometimes people can’t “adult” anymore. He complains that he just can’t “Christian” anymore. Guess the apostle Paul, languishing in prison, facing execution, didn’t get that memo about resigning and giving up. 

Have you noticed the meme floating around that says, “I can’t adult today”?

The expression has been stenciled on T-shirts, laminated on paper, posted on office walls and kiln-fired on coffee mugs.

I can’t adult today sounds clumsy with its unconventional use of “adult” as a verb, but it’s not hard to get what the saying means: “At the moment, I am incapable of being a responsible grown-up.” Sometimes, we just want to hit the pause button on the duties of adulthood.

A blogger, also a pastor and writer, referred to this not long ago in a blog post titled, “I can’t Christian today.” Only in his case, he wasn’t trying to be funny or sardonic.

After declaring, “I can’t Christian today,” he added, “I can no longer be tethered to this thing that is so toxic and so painful to so many. I can’t wade through any more bad theology and predatory behavior from pulpit-pounding pastors who...

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