Jesus on Mergers and Acquisitions

Jesus on Mergers and Acquisitions

Sunday, May 8, 2016
| John 17:20-26

Some corporate mergers work and others don’t (think AOL-Time Warner). In his extended prayer recorded in John, Jesus talks about the church merging into "one."

If you're into following the trials and tribulations of corporate America, you know that corporations sometimes act like love-struck teenagers looking to date and acquire the objects of their affections.

Usually, it's one powerful company lusting after a smaller, but sexier one. Sometimes, however, it's a partnership between two desperate, lost souls who are trying to find their way together.

But, while teenage social outings may cost a dinner and a movie, a corporation may drop billions of dollars on a potential mate with no guarantee that they'll live together happily ever after.

We're talking about mergers and acquisitions, of course -- those corporate marriages that can make or break the future of two companies. Sometimes the marriage can be a fairy tale story like that of Disney and Pixar, where two creative entertainment companies came together in a partnership that's largely resulted in a license to print money. Or, on the other hand, the marriage might look like Exxon and Mobil,...

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