How Much Is Your Church Worth?

How Much Is Your Church Worth?

Sunday, February 5, 2012
| 1 Corinthians 9:16-23

When a research team from the University of Pennsylvania tackled the question of how much a dozen area churches were worth to the local economy, what monetary figure do you suppose they came up with?

If the church burned down tomorrow, would you give $10,000 to replace it?"

Asking the question was a professional fundraiser, speaking to a senior citizen.

The woman thought for a moment about the church that had meant so much to her over the years. It had been the site of numerous life-changing events: her wedding, a Bible study for young couples, the baptisms of her children, vacation Bible schools, potluck dinners, candlelight Christmas Eve services, youth group events, Easter sunrise services, senior citizen gatherings and finally the funeral of her husband.

"$10,000 to replace the church?" she said. "Of course I'd give it."

"Well, the church will probably not burn down tomorrow," admitted the fundraiser. "But still, it needs your $10,000 if it is going to remain vital and strong."

She wrote the check.

How much is your church worth?

A great question. What is the dollar value of a class for young couples in which they establish lifelong friendships? A vacation Bible school that...

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