Hibernating Virgins

Hibernating Virgins

Sunday, November 6, 2005
| Matthew 25:1-13

Bears are right now burrowing in for the ultimate power nap. And when they wake up, their muscle tone will be completely intact.

The power nap.

Fifteen quick minutes in the late afternoon can battle back the post-lunch weariness of the busy executive, the stay-at-home parent or the student facing a term-paper deadline. It’s no siesta, but it’s enough to restore vitality for the final push of the day.

But if you really want to talk about effective snoozing, look no further than the black bear. Recent research is beginning to unpack the amazing slumber skills of these animals. They hibernate for up to four months during the winter, without ever waking up to eat, drink, relieve themselves or exercise. And while the catatonic inactivity of hibernating bears may drop their heart rate to as low as six beats per minute, they still burn an amazing 4,000 calories per day!

But what is truly amazing about these power-nappers is the ability to emerge from hibernation faster and stronger than a combat Humvee on a cold day — at almost the same level of physical strength and stamina as when they started their season-skipping...

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