The Second M: MONEY The One Who Bounces the Last Check Wins

Sunday, October 9, 1994
| Mark 10:17-31

In a world where "The One Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins," the Bible presents another witness: "The One Who Bounces the Last Check Wins." Jesus calls us to give it all away.

When we think about Jesus' teachings, parables, sermons and prayers, we hazily assume that Jesus spent most of his time talking about God and love and salvation. Not! The two subjects that Jesus focused on the most often? 1) The kingdom of God and 2) Money.

When Jesus told the rich man to give away all he had, he was simply speeding up the process that each of us must go through in our lives. We have no choice but to give it all away. Unfortunately, the prevailing economic attitude is nicely summed up in the consumerist bumper sticker that states, "The one who dies with the most toys wins." Yet, none of our "toys" are coming with us. The only choice we have in this matter is deciding to whom we shall give the things in our lives. Even if we plan on leaving everything to the kids, we are still giving it away.

Jesus stipulated that the rich man in today's story should give all he had "to the poor," not "to the kids." The trouble with this tale when told today is that few of us would ...

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