Is There Room for One More?

Sunday, November 24, 1996
| Matthew 25:31-46

Is there room in your life for "one more" -- for the least, the lost, the lonely, the leper, the "other"?

When a national day of thanksgiving was established on the fourth Thursday in November, it was not because the fourth Thursday in November was a particularly thankful day. It was intentionally chosen precisely because of its arbitrariness to remind us to say "thanks" on a daily basis for the bounties God has heaped upon our lives.

For Christians, every Sunday is a Thanksgiving feast day. Every Sunday at worship, we give thanks for the greatest event ever to hit planet Earth, the greatest "opening" in human history--the open tomb, testifying to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every Sunday is Thanksgiving Sunday. Every Sunday dinner is Thanksgiving dinner.

It used to be that "Sunday dinner" was a really big deal. In Sabbath-observant, church-going families, Sunday was the one day the family planned to spend together--first at church, then at home, then with relatives. With a full house and expectant stomachs, Sunday dinner was a meal guaranteed to offer the magic combination of old...

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