Used Tombstones

Sunday, March 31, 1991
| John 20:1-18

Christ's resurrection changed the world, broke all the old rules. The Church's response to the good news of resurrection should be equally unprecedented - a celebration of new life using the old images of death.

Dr. Paul Stuckey, the wonderful new senior minister at Grace United Methodist Church in Dayton, Ohio, tells the story of an eye-catching ad in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, newspaper's classified section. Big, bold letters advertised "Used Tombstone. " The ad's text read as follows: "Used tombstone for sale. Real bargain to someone named 'Dingo.' For more information call ..."

The image of a used tombstone may at first seem maudlin and depressing. But think again: a "used" tombstone means that its previous owner has no longer any use for it. It has become a castoff, unnecessary item. The Easter tidings of Christ's resurrection convey exactly the same message: the tomb is empty! The stone marker is no longer needed! Jesus Christ is risen!

But Jesus isn't the only one who has left behind a used tombstone. Romans 6:5-11 clearly spells out Paul's conviction that Christians, by definition, should be leaving their own discarded grave-markers all over the face of the earth. The church should be ...

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