No Stranger Danger Here

Sunday, July 17, 1994
| Ephesians 2:11-22

The church is more than a place where strangers need not feel strange. The church is a place that knows no strangers.

It is not longer "p.c." (politically correct) to talk about parents "raising" kids anymore. You don't "raise" kids, we are informed. You "raise" carrots. You "raise" cabbages. But you don't "raise" kids.

OK, so what do parents do? We "sponsor" our kids, is the p.c. response. We help "bring them up." Actually, parents don't do any of those things either. We don't "raise" kids. We don't "sponsor" kids. We don't "bring up" children anymore. We finance them.

We also attempt to protect them. We know that our children are at risk each time they venture outside the walls of their homes. We live in a nation where the leading cause of death for young people ages 16-24 is murder. It is now common for high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools to have students pass through metal detectors on their way into the building -- yet weapons are still appallingly present in our school's hallways. One of the most recent debates among concerned parents is whether kids should be allowed to ...

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