A Passion-Driven Church

A Passion-Driven Church

Sunday, August 23, 1998
| Hebrews 12:18-29

God fights fire with fire. In a world ablaze in sin and suffering, God needs passion-driven people who have been fired up by a touch of the divine Passion

What's your passion? Has anyone ever asked you that? Have you ever asked anyone that? The answer to that question reveals more about you than any other question anyone can ask you.

My mother's passion was God. I am a PK. But as a preacher's kid, the preacher in my family was my mother. She was ordained in the Pilgrim Holiness Church, and my brother John (a Presbyterian minister) and I buried her outside the church she founded in Covington, Virginia.

Mother loved talking to God. Many were the times Mother would roll out of bed, or get up from her knees, or sit up from her chair and announce to my brothers and me: "God has told me this: ...."

After every one of these "conversations," Mother acted as if she had been electrified. This is how I came to see prayer: something that plugged Mother into a power source that lit her life up with brilliance and gave her ministry passion.

I remember as a child being in awe of Mother for actually having talked with God. As I got older, I prayed...

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