Free to download*, Homiletics for the iPad provides instant access to Homiletics Online’s compelling preaching material, commentary, illustrations, worship resources and more – and it’s all optimized for the iPad.

  • Download an entire issue of the Homiletics journal and read it offline anywhere, anytime – truly portable.
  • Access the latest issue or any of your back issues, and then delete them when you’re finished.
  • Receive alerts the instant a new issue is available. No more going to the site to check for availability.
  • Each issue includes its own table of contents for ease of use.

Homiletics for the iPad is a free download for current subscribers to Homiletics Online. Not a subscriber? Learn more and sign up here.

Download now for free from the iTunes App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for the Homiletics app?

The application itself is free to download for those who have a subscription to Homiletics Online, and includes unlimited access to all the upcoming and back issues.

I am having trouble signing into the app.

To sign into your app, please use your Homiletics Online username and password.  If you are still having trouble or have forgotten your username or password, please contact us at

How do I download content to read offline?

To download the latest issue or a back issue, first ensure you are connected to WiFi and press the library button.  You will find any issues you don't have downloaded marked with a "Download" button.  Simply select the issue you want, and that issue will be downloaded to your iPad.  Once the download is complete, that issue will be available for you to read offline.

Why can't I download back issues that are on the website?

The issues available for download on the app start with the issue of your membership start date. You can access our complete library by visiting our website and logging in.

How do I remove an issue from my iPad?

To remove an issue you are finished with, simply press and hold on the issue in the library, and this will delete the issue from your iPad.  You can always download the issue again if you find you need it.

*A current subscription to Homiletics or Homiletics Online is required. Click here to learn more and to sign up.