The Unused Gift

The Unused Gift

Friday, December 24, 2021
| Titus 2:11-14

Nearly every parent knows the frustration of buying Christmas gifts that sit unused while the empty boxes become the child’s source of joy. How should we use the gift of salvation that we have received in Jesus?

There’s nothing like a little Christmas morning chaos. Seeing children bound down the stairs wide-eyed at the colorfully wrapped presents under the tree is something to which every parent looks forward (coffee in hand at that early hour, of course). There’s the inevitable flurry of wrapping paper flying in all directions, the squeals of joy, the flashing lights and sounds of those new electronic devices, or the latest cool toy — all of which have become the expectation for an American Christmas.

But there’s also the inevitable letdown once the wrapping paper is cleaned up and the toys and other ephemera are sorted out. Every year it seems like the truth is revealed that not all Christmas gifts are equal. That toy that a child pined for over the course of months is suddenly left sitting in a corner while he plays with the box it came in. That expensive gift you put a lot of thought into for your loved one is now set aside and forgotten. While they may be...

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