Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries

Sunday, November 28, 2021
| Psalm 25:1-10

The cure for Sunday evening anxiety is to trust in the abundance of God, who is working to heal us, help us, provide for us, and save us.

We live in anxious times.

Climate change. Political polarization. Rising crime rates. Natural disasters. The economic and personal stresses of the recent pandemic.

No wonder we feel fear, dread and uneasiness.

In addition, there are many everyday things that can make us anxious: News alerts on our phones. Not getting enough sleep. Being overcommitted. An unbalanced diet, including too much caffeine. Sunday nights.

Yes, Sunday nights.

“It’s common for people to feel anxious [as] the weekend winds down,” says Dr. Sanam Hafeez to a website called The Healthy. “When your mind begins to focus on reports, kids’ activities, and the long list of to-dos, it’s easy to slip into an anxious state of mind.”

The flood of anxiety that many of us feel as the workweek approaches is called the “Sunday scaries.” And Derek Thompson, writing in The Atlantic, says that this anxiety is linked to “the modern psychology of time.” We find...

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