Bringing the Text to Life

Do You Understand? Acts 8:26-40

Do You Understand?

What we can do when the Bible seems unreadable.


The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level (FKGL) formula is a tool for measuring the readability of a text. Many people think that reading the Bible is something like reading a textbook on economics. This is one reason today’s lesson from Acts is so interesting. Here we find a man reading a book in a foreign language, and it’s not an easy book to read, even for a native. How can he understand what he’s reading?



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “How to Be a Branch,” May 10, 2009.


Little Liam and Amelia are in first grade. Although some kids their age went to actual classrooms, Liam and Amelia attended school online. When they first started in the fall of 2020, they could read a little. But in first grade, they learned to read a lot. Now they’re excellent readers for their age and reading at a third-grade level.

One of the stories they might have read in the early days of first grade...

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