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Real People, Not Actors Psalm 111

Real People, Not Actors

Worship is about God; it’s not about us.


A TV commercial for foot fungus is likely to feature paid actors, not actual customers. But many companies — like Dove, Bumble, Chevrolet and eHarmony — find real people to champion their products or websites. Frankly, they are just more believable than actors. Psalm 111 is a promo for God, coming in at fewer than 200 words, and it’s written by a real person, not a paid actor.



For material based on today’s epistle text, see “When There's Tension in the Church,” January 29, 2012.


Let’s say you’re watching Hulu and an annoying commercial pops up for mouthwash. The ad shows a woman leaning to pet her dog, and then the camera zooms in for a close-up of her teeth. Suddenly, we’re aware that this woman has bad breath and diseased gums.

Then, we also see in small print — but quite visible — “actor portrayal.”

Why do we see this message?

Because mouthwash...

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