Bringing the Text to Life

Please Come for a Visit! Isaiah 64:1-9

Please Come for a Visit!

God is a visiting God!


During the beginning months of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of families were separated from loved ones. Grandparents could not see their newborn grandchildren, spouses were often separated, and when loved ones died, grieving families could not even come together to visit. Carol Willison’s story is an example of this. And her story leads us to Isaiah 64, where the prophet pleads with God to “tear open the heavens and come down” (v. 1).



For material based on today’s psalm, see “Restore Us, O God: Hope,” November 27, 2011.


In early May 2020, Lillian Yu-Feng Hsu, 87, died in an assisted-living facility in White Plains, New York. Han Chinese, she lived through WWII in China when she was a kid, but later studied medicine in Taiwan. Her next step was a major move to the United States to complete a medical internship. “I knew I had to become educated so I could be totally...

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