Bringing the Text to Life

Brilliant Designs Romans 12:9-21

Brilliant Designs

Recyclable running shoes and mobile water filtration units are innovative ideas, as well-designed as a life of love and sacrifice.


The innovative design of Christian life is to overcome evil with good, instead of fighting evil with evil. The apostle Paul challenges us to do the opposite of what people often expect, to bless instead of curse, to practice daily acts of love and sacrifice. It’s a brilliant design, but one that is never finished and that we need to work on every day.



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “Said No One Ever,” September 3, 2017.


Performance running shoes are often colorful and attractive, with sleek designs that make you want to hit the pavement and go fast. But not many have the brilliant design of the Adidas “Futurecraft.Loop,” which is 100 percent recyclable.

Yes, that’s right: A performance running shoe made with all-recyclable materials and no glue.

Raincoats will keep you dry, but the plastic in most of them will eventually sit in landfills for many years. In addition,...

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