Bringing the Text to Life

The Real Story Matthew 14:13-21

The Real Story

God is active in our lives in ways miraculous and otherwise.


We all know the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. But is God limited to miracles that cannot be explained by science or that go beyond the realm of reason? A woman texting her dead father shows how God can work through events we might label as coincidence or serendipity. And if we experience God in those events, they can still be a miraculous.



For material based on today’s Old Testament text, see “Fourth and One,” August 3, 2008.


Did you see the startling headline that read: “Arkansas woman texted father’s number every day after he died; she got a response four years later”?

That made the story below the headline sound like an outreach from the other side of the grave. But the actual story was far less sensational.

For four years, Chastity Patterson, then 23, of Newport, Arkansas, had been mourning the death of Jason Ligons, who, while not her...

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