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The Seculosity Impulse Acts 17:22-31

The Seculosity Impulse

What happens when religion becomes the pursuit of happiness?


Many Christians lament the fact that the culture is becoming more “secular” when, in fact, the religious impulse is still as alive as ever. It has just changed. Rather than having no gods, people are looking to a variety of other gods to “rebrand” their faith — faith in anything and everything from food, to sex, to parenting. Paul’s walkabout through Athens and his speech on the Areopagus offers a pattern for Christians to use when pointing to the “unknown God” that many people today are seeking.



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “DNF,” May 1, 2005.


Seems like everywhere Christians turn these days, there’s another article or survey about the decline of faith and the rise of secularism in Western culture. We had a good run in the days of Christendom, when most people had at least some affinity for religion, even if they weren’t particularly...

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