Bringing the Text to Life

Thomas the “Truther” John 20:19-31

Thomas the “Truther”

Thomas heard a report that Jesus was alive. It was the report, not Jesus, that he doubted.


Americans love a good conspiracy theory, and, in the internet age, it’s increasingly easier for those theories to get traction. Many theories surround the deaths of famous people, from the JFK assassination to the recent prison death of wealthy criminal and potential informant Jeffrey Epstein. The death of Jesus Christ and reports of his resurrection from the dead have long been subjects of skeptics and conspiracy theorists, but as the story of the disciple Thomas reveals, even skeptics are sometimes proven right!



For material based on today’s epistle text, see “This Might Hurt,” March 30, 2008.


Who really shot JFK? Were the moon landings real or staged? Did Elvis really die in 1977, or did he fake his death in order to get some privacy? Was Paul McCartney actually replaced by a look-alike when he allegedly died in 1966? Was 9/11 staged by the U.S. government?

Are all these questions crazy?

Maybe it...

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