Bringing the Text to Life

Jesus and Airbnb John 1:29-42

Jesus and Airbnb

Jesus invites us to come and see.


If you need a place to crash, and you’re tired of paying high hotel prices, and honestly, you only need a place to rest, no problem. You can check into a hostel, or better, rent a room or house through a sharing website. The most well-known is Airbnb. Using our imagination, it almost seems as though Jesus has booked such a place. He tells Andrew, “Come and see.”



For material based on today’s epistle text, see “The Satisfaction Survey,” January 19, 2014.


For an alternative approach to Psalm 40:1-11, see “Alexa and Adonai.”


Pick a destination.

After deciding how you’re going to get there, you then need to decide where you’re going to stay.

If you spend less than $100 per night at a hotel, you’re probably staying at a dump or a low-budget chain motel.

Today, however, a traveler has options not available 20 years ago. In the sharing economy, we can find...

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