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Kings Never Die Luke 23:33-43

Kings Never Die

Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords!


We begin with some figurative kings and speculate as to what might have happened had they not died when and in the manner they did. Truth is, all kings — literal or figurative — die. But when they die prematurely or in unexpected ways, we wonder, “What if?” So, what if Jesus had not died on a cross, a cross on which the words “King of the Jews” were written on a placard placed above his head? What if?  


For material based on today’s epistle text, see “Mappa Mundi Christiana,” November 24, 2013.

For an alternative idea pertaining to Luke 1:68-79, see “Benedictus.


The rapper Eminem has a song, “Kings Never Die,” inspired by the movie Southpaw. It ends with the words, Here to stay / Even when I’m gone / When I close my eyes / Through the passage of time / Kings never die.

But he’s wrong. Kings die. They really do.

Elvis Presley was the...

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