Bringing the Text to Life

3D Church Haggai 1:15b-2:9

3D Church

A church is measured not only by its breadth, but also by its height and depth.


3D printers can now print prefabricated parts for full-sized houses and do so repeatedly and rapidly. One such printer, according to some reports, can produce 10 prefab homes in 24 hours. This has huge possibilities for areas hit hard by natural disasters, and for those who need low-cost housing. But, if a home can be printed, perhaps a church building can be printed as well. What, then, are the dimensions of a church? A printer needs to have information about height, breadth and depth.


For material based on today’s epistle text, see “A Knotty Faith,” November 10, 2013.


When someone mentions 3D printing, what probably comes to mind is a desktop-sized printer that can produce small three-dimensional objects. Some of these objects are very useful. 3D printers can turn out anything from auto parts to acoustic guitars to camera lenses to prosthetic limbs and much more.

But the technology is now being applied on a far larger ...

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