Bringing the Text to Life

Disruptive Information Acts 16:16-34

Disruptive Information

Innovative ideas can be hard to perceive and accept. But in time, old frameworks give way to new ones.


You don’t hear many people complaining about the post office losing business or expressing sympathy for the manufacturers of No. 10 envelopes. Both the post office business and the envelope business have seen sales plummet since the advent of electronic mail in the late 1990s. Change is usually disruptive. We may grumble at first, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s life, and we see it happening in the Bible. If we pay attention, it could be happening in our spiritual lives as well.



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “Jesus on Mergers and Acquisitions,” May 8, 2016.


Often, when change happens, it totally disrupts the world as we know it. Change is inconvenient and disruptive.

  • Democracy disrupted monarchy.
  • The automobile disrupted horse breeders.
  • Email disrupted the postal service and the envelope manufacturers.
  • Personal computers put typewriter companies out of...

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