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The Legacy of Saint Patrick Acts 16:9-15

The Legacy of Saint Patrick

Like Patrick, we are called to walk among the people around us.


Saint Patrick’s Day doesn’t fall on a Sunday very often. Therefore, when it does, we have an opportunity not only to honor this missionary to the emerald isle, but also to draw some lessons for our own lives.


This Sunday is Saint Patrick’s Day and most people, Irish or not, will wear something green, maybe drink a few green beers, wear shamrock pins and perhaps even wear something that says, curiously, “Kiss me, I’m Irish.”

Parades will march, pipes will play and Chicago will dye its river green to honor the Irish and Saint Patrick.

All of this, however, tends to miss the real impact of Saint Patrick on the history of the world. Millions of people will celebrate his day today and most will have no clue as to why.

Since this special day falls on a Sunday, we have a great opportunity to tell the “rest of the story” in a way that will both inspire and motivate the church toward its mission.


The story


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