Bringing the Text to Life

Personal Priest Hebrews 7:23-28

Personal Priest

When we need advice or forgiveness, our personal priest is not far away.


It is not unusual these days for people to hire others to assist them in certain ways. This assistance may take the form of a personal trainer, a personal shopper or a life coach and mentor. Today’s text refers to a very personal, specialized service — that of high priest.



For material based on today’s gospel text, see “How to Call for Help,” October 25, 2015.


When evangelist Billy Graham died last February at the age of 99, many commentators noted his friendships with U.S. presidents, beginning with Harry S. Truman.

Graham, perhaps the last in a long line of populist American evangelists including Whitefield, Finney, Moody and Sunday, had the ear of every president following Truman. President Barack Obama was the only sitting president to visit him at his mountain home in North Carolina.

Many of the presidents who invited Graham to the White House later acknowledged with appreciation both the...

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