Bringing the Text to Life

Death Cleaning Mark 9:38-50

Death Cleaning

Is it time to clean out our spiritual closets?


Most people do not want to die and leave a ton of stuff that their children then must dispose of. The Swedish have a name for this purging: döstädning, meaning “death cleaning.” Jesus challenges us to perform spiritual döstädning — removing from our lives the sinful actions and attitudes that cause us to stumble.



For material based on today’s OT text, see “You Are Here,” September 27, 2015.


When a house is put on the market, many real estate agents bring in stagers. These stagers begin their work by clearing the stage.

And how do they do this? They walk around your house and point at things — end tables, rugs and vases — and they say, “Edit. Edit. Edit.”

What they mean is, “Delete.” Get rid of it.

John Kelly and his wife have been going through some deletions themselves. Writing in The Washington Post (February 25, 2018), Kelly says,...

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