Bringing the Text to Life

Dreamwork Song of Solomon 2:8-13


Turning over all our anxiety to the Lord can help us find peace.


Assuming that the feminine voice of parts of the Song of Solomon sounds dreamy and may have been an account of actual dreams, we toss in a little Freud and come out with a lesson about trusting in God!


For material based on today’s gospel text, see “The Depravity Standard,” August 30, 2015.

For an alternative idea pertaining to James 1:17-27, see “YouTube It.”

The oldest among us remember the days of daily Bible reading in public schools. While some wax nostalgic for those times, in truth it was a rather boring exercise for most.

Such was the case in Toms River High School in Toms River, New Jersey. Each week a student was chosen to read a series of Bible passages — their choice — over the P.A. system, as part of the dreaded “opening exercises.” No one paid much attention to that disembodied voice, until one particular week.

It was already Wednesday or Thursday before some students began to sit up at...

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