Bringing the Text to Life

Babel Fish Church Acts 2:1-21

Babel Fish Church

The Holy Spirit is our translator.

At a Glance

Pilot is a new device that purportedly allows people speaking two languages to understand each other in a real-time conversation. Each speaker has an earpiece. These little earbuds translate the other person's words into the listener's native tongue. In our text, we read a story of how, thanks to the Holy Spirit's real-time translation, the church was born.

Editors' Pick

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The scene is Konitsa, Greece.

Homiletics editor Timothy Merrill and family are seated in a plaza and hope to order some food. The following is in Merrill's own words.

Generally, we had found that people had a smattering of English and usually we could communicate what we wanted. But not in Konitsa, and especially not when we had dinner that evening at an outdoor table in the village square.

A kindly, old gentleman waited on us, appearing from the little dilapidated restaurant on the edge of the square. His...

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