Bringing the Text to Life

Prophet or Pitchman Deuteronomy 18:15-20

Prophet or Pitchman

Four ways to spot a religious charlatan

At a Glance

Most companies today have a celebrity pitchperson who acts as their public "face" in their advertising. When that public face says or does something scandalous, however, the company often suffers the most. Companies have to choose wisely when looking for someone to speak for them. Israel was faced with a similar dilemma -- how can you tell the difference between a real prophet and just another religious pitchman? It's a question for everyone who wants to hear an authentic word from the Lord.

Editors' Pick

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With the, ahem, "Big Game" coming up next Sunday, folks will be huddled around their televisions to watch the commercials as much as the action on the field. Advertisers will spend millions of dollars to attract our eyeballs and get us to open our wallets to buy their products. Many of the ads will be creative and memorable, and more than a few...

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