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Cleaning Tips from John Mark 1:4-11

Cleaning Tips from John

Nothing like a little repentance to clean the stain of sin.

At a Glance

Got a resolution to keep your house a little cleaner this year? There are ways to make it sparkle with some "greener" cleaners you can find in your pantry. Need a little soul cleansing as well? John the Baptizer has just the thing for that, too.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's Acts text, see "Kintsukuroi Christianity," January 11, 2015, at

On the first Sunday of any new year, it's pretty common for people to come to church with ideas about what they'll do differently in the coming 12 months. No doubt it's no different as we stare at the new year before us: 2018.

Typically, we resolve to exercise more, pray harder and eat less. But given the mess the house is in after the Christmas festivities, we may also decide to clean house. After all, taking down all those decorations can expose some dirt in places we don't normally see until the relatives are gone and the kids' toys have run out of battery life.

When we see all that accumulated dirt...

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