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'Boom!' Says the Lord Psalm 29

'Boom!' Says the Lord

God's message to the world in Jesus Christ is unmistakable.

At a Glance

A sonic cannon is a "Long Range Acoustic Device" -- or, in U.S. Navy jargon, an LRAD. It is used as a defensive weapon when, say, Somali pirates try to hijack a ship on the high seas. The cannon delivers 150 decibels of concentrated noise, a blast so powerful that it causes excruciating headaches and ear pain, even temporary loss of vision. This is a lot of noise! And it reminds us of another voice, another sound that "shakes the oaks of Lebanon," a cannon described as the voice of God!

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's Acts text, see "Kintsukuroi Christianity," January 11, 2015, at

As mariners in the Indian Ocean know all too well, the age of piracy is not over. Twenty-first century captains no longer fear the likes of Blackbeard, flintlock pistols tucked into his silken sash. They're more worried about Somali pirates bouncing across the waves in speedboats, racing to overtake slow-moving container ships many times their size.

Pirate assaults ...

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