Bringing the Text to Life

First World Problems Philippians 1:21-30

First World Problems

What matters most in life?

At a Glance

The Wi-Fi is down. The coffee machine at work doesn't work. You ordered decaf latte, but got a fully leaded Americano instead. This is how we begin — with some frustrations that are so minor in the grand scheme of things that they've been pejoratively described as "First World problems." We then move to the real challenges of life. The apostle Paul's experience in a jail in Rome helps to clarify what's important and what's not so important.

Editors' Pick

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They are small irritations, but they're irritations nonetheless.

You go to a Greek restaurant assuming that for dessert you'll have some baklava.

They're out of baklava!

How can a Greek restaurant not have baklava? If a Greek restaurant doesn't have baklava, it's not a Greek restaurant!

This type of thing seems to happen to many people. You go to a restaurant. You're hungry and excited about the menu. You're having a...

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