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The Unhackable Key Matthew 18:15-20

The Unhackable Key

What is the key to resolving conflict?

At a Glance

Hackers recently shut down a hotel's electronic key system, thus locking all the guests out of their rooms. The problem was fixed only when the hotel paid the hackers a fee. This could not have happened, of course, with a simple metal key still widely in use in places other than hotels. The Bible refers to keys, but assigns to these keys a different function. In today's passage we learn how to use the right keys to resolve conflicts in the church.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's OT text, see "Calendar Confusion," September 7, 2008, at

Electronic keycards have been familiar features in hotel rooms for years now. A guest uses such a keycard by inserting it into a slot above the door handle. More recent models, however, allow you to simply wave the keycard in front of a sensor to produce the cheery green light that seems to say, "Come on in."

Hotel companies love the technology. It offers many advantages over old-fashioned metal keys -- which, ...

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