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Faith Badges: Crosses and Conversations Romans 10:5-15

Faith Badges: Crosses and Conversations

A recent study says that religious "badges" convey trust and reliability.

At a Glance

We've long suspected that the clothes we wear send some sort of message to those who see us. "The apparel oft proclaims the man," wrote Shakespeare in Hamlet. But now, new research suggests that even religious garments or signs of religious devotion send some nonverbal signals. And the message is this: reliability.

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"How beautiful are the feet," says Paul to the Romans. Yes, the feet. As odd as this sounds, the apostle is not revealing an unhealthy obsession. Instead, he praises the beauty of the feet "of those who bring good news" (v. 15).

So what do our feet say about us? And what is the message we are sending with our shoes?

According to a journal of research in personality, 90 percent of your personality could be revealed by your choice of footwear. A study has discovered that:

People who wear colorful sneakers tend to be emotionally stable.


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