Bringing the Text to Life

Peter's First Sermon Acts 2:14a, 22-32

Peter's First Sermon

The first sermon was simple: He who was dead is now alive. Make adjustments accordingly.

At a Glance

Many preachers remember their first sermon. Perhaps they remember a "first sermon" at a new church. Indeed, such a sermon can often set the agenda and tone for the ministry to come, even if the preacher isn't all that sophisticated. Given Peter's history, one might've suspected that if the post-resurrection disciples were to have a press secretary, it would be Peter. But few would've expected him to deliver his first sermon as he did -- with simplicity, brevity and power. In doing so, he laid the groundwork for a movement that would change the world.

Editors' Pick

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Many preachers remember their first sermon.

Perhaps it's like a doctor performing her first hernia operation -- it's not pretty, and it's probably a bloody mess, but she gets it all stitched up and the patient is good as new, better than ever.

Or maybe preaching that first sermon is like a ...

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