Bringing the Text to Life

Give It Up for Jesus! Psalm 97

Give It Up for Jesus!

On Christmas Day we have many reasons to cheer!

At a Glance

Humans are conditioned to applaud for a great performance (or even a mediocre one if someone tells us to). Sometimes that applause happens, embarrassingly enough, at the wrong time. There's one event that should always get our applause, however, and that is the coming of Christ!


For material based on today's gospel reading, see "St. Nicholas Nicked," December 24, 2005, at

It's Christmas Day and we're here to give it up for Jesus!

Chances are that at some point over the last several weeks of the Advent season you've attended some kind of artistic performance at the end of which the audience was inspired, or felt obligated, to applaud.

Perhaps the artists were first-graders at the elementary school participating in a holiday program. Applause. Maybe they were members of the middle school band trying to play in tune. Applause.

Or, the performance might have been your own church's Christmas program which featured kids dressed as shepherds and...

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