Bringing the Text to Life

The Name Game Matthew 1:18-25

The Name Game

Never has a name been so important as the name Joseph gave to Mary's child.

At a Glance

The names that parents choose for their newborns are as weird as ever. You no doubt can cite your own examples. Naming a child is a major event. Parents are choosing a moniker that will go with their children for the rest of their lives. Likewise, Joseph and Mary must have struggled with this problem as well, right? Nope. They not only knew the gender of the unborn child, they also had a name ready to go.


For material based on today's epistle reading, see "Belonging to Jesus," December 22, 2013, at

Atley, Destiny, Acacia, Lively, Makenna, River -- these are baby names that have been pinned recently on defenseless infants.

Where did they come from?

Who knows?

Who knows what parents are thinking these days? Seriously. What are they thinking?

Expectant parents know the difficulty of coming up with the perfect names for their children. Baby name books and websites give us the meanings of names, their popularity or uniqueness and even...

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