Bringing the Text to Life

Fortuitous Events Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4

Fortuitous Events

When we give ourselves to God, we have to trust that what befalls us is fortuitous -- in the hands of God.

At a Glance

The legal profession has developed language to explain the inexplicable. In this lexicon is the expression "acts of God." We also find the words, "fortuitous events." You might think that these are fortunate events, happy events, serendipitous events. Maybe. But not always. Just ask Habakkuk.

Editors' Pick

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"Billionaire Dies at a Fortuitous Time."

That was the headline of a 2010 article in the journal of the American Bar Association.

It invites the question, "Is there really a fortuitous time to die?"

It's likely, however, that lawyers -- the readers of the ABA journal -- understood precisely the implications of that headline. Unlike the general population that usually understands a "fortuitous event" to mean a "fortunate event," or a stroke of good luck, attorneys know that in legalese the word goes...

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