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Fruit Puddine, Bred Spred and Jesus 1 Timothy 2:1-7

Fruit Puddine, Bred Spred and Jesus

Jesus is the real deal.

At a Glance

Pick up a pack of "Boneless Wyngz" and you're not going to find chicken wings. That canned crab meat you like? It's not crab meat. Yes, not all food is as it seems, the FDA notwithstanding. Is there anything, anyone, that's the real deal? The apostle Paul says, "Yes!"

Editors' Pick

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"I am telling the truth," says the apostle Paul, "I am not lying" (1 Timothy 2:7).

If only food companies had the same high standards.

Unfortunately, they don't.

Have you ever picked up a package of Boneless Wyngz? That's a product spelled W-Y-N-G-Z. Despite the sound of the name, these chicken fritters contain "no wing meat."

There are no wings in Wyngz. Kind of


Such manipulation of the truth has a long history in the United States. Before the existence of the Food and Drug Administration, a bottle of ketchup could...

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