Bringing the Text to Life

That's Awkward Luke 12:49-56

That's Awkward

Instead of making us feel good, Jesus grabs our attention with his unexpected and uncomfortable words.

At a Glance

A quick glance at commercials these days shows us that"awkward" moments sell products. This text introduces more than its share of awkward moments. Sometimes, following Jesus can seem awkward if we're not in tune with what Jesus is doing.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's OT text, see"Warning Labels," August 19, 2007, at

We all have awkward moments.

Such as when the pastor, unexpectedly, asks you to pray.

And when you start to sing, one beat ahead of the rest of the congregation.

These moments have become Internet memes. All of these messages begin with the words,"That awkward moment when ..."

"That awkward moment when the only thing you know on the test is your name."

"That awkward moment when your boss sends you a friend request on Facebook."

"That awkward moment when everyone is serious and you start laughing."

"That awkward moment when you say goodbye to someone, and then start walking in the same direction."

Yeah, that's awkward.


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