Bringing the Text to Life

A Fore-Edge Life Colossians 1:1-14

A Fore-Edge Life

If our lives are ever to be the artwork of God, we must not only know Jesus, but apply what we know.

At a Glance

Fore-edge painting is an obscure art form that few people have seen. The paintings are hidden on the fore-edges of gilded pages. They are only visible when fanned or ruffled. Sometimes, the Christian life is like that. Only when struck by adversity does the beautiful artwork created by the Master Painter become visible for the world to see.

Editors' Pick

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Now you see it; now you don't.

We're not talking about a magic trick, but rather a form of artwork called fore-edge painting. It's a scene painted on the edges of the pages of a book that can be seen only when the pages are fanned.

The art is applied to the edge of the margin of the individual pages and not to the actual fore-edge of the book itself (so named to differentiate it from the spine edge). When the book is closed, you don't see the image because it's hidden by the gold leaf on the actual...

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