Bringing the Text to Life

Getting Dropped John 14:23-29

Getting Dropped

Getting dropped can deepen our discipleship.

At a Glance

Three cyclists tell us how getting lapped (or dropped) actually helps to improve their skills. It's an analogy that works for us as disciples of Christ. When Jesus told his disciples that he was leaving them, it felt as though they were being dropped. But Jesus explained how this was going to ultimately work to their advantage, while bringing the gospel to the world as well.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's Acts reading, see "Godspeed!," May 17, 1998, at

"Getting dropped" sounds painful, but, if you're a cyclist, the main damage, such as it is, is to your ego.

In cycling, getting dropped has nothing to do with falling off one's bicycle, which has its own lingo (kissing the tarmac, taking an endo, sanding the asphalt, doing a hand plant, etc.).

Getting dropped is when you are riding with other cyclists, but can't maintain the pace the group is pedaling. So you fall behind. If you can't catch up, the gap widens and eventually, you are so far...

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