Bringing the Text to Life

Is that Even a Thing? Isaiah 43:16-21

Is that Even a Thing?

God doesn't do old things; God does new things.

At a Glance

Scientists are able to regenerate body parts from a patient's own cells, shaped especially for their role within the body. Like different parts of a body It's hard to keep up with slang. Like, can't even. You might ask in slangese, "Is that even a thing?" How can you not know if a thing is a thing? -- unless God is doing the thing. And that brings us to Isaiah.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "Limping to the Line," March 21, 2010, at

We begin today with a short quiz on 21C linguistics. The following represents a potential verbal exchange between a male and female teenager that incorporates some of the top slang words of 2014. See if you can interpret what is actually being said:

He: Bae, you're slayin' today. Your hair is on fleek. Bible. Love our ship.

She: Feels. Can't even.

He: You wanna roll up with my squad later and get some pizza scream?

She: Is that even a thing?

(NOTE: This exchange was...

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