Bringing the Text to Life

Baby Jesus Hebrews 10:5-10

Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus in the manger is God in the flesh.

At a Glance

Animatronics is the science of making robots look like humans (or animals). This technology has many applications, including the Jesus in the nativity scene, who may be an animatronic Jesus made to look and act human. With this in mind, we go to the epistle text that revisits a psalm that declares, "A body you have prepared for me."

Editors' Pick

For material based on the gospel text, see "The Other Side of the Tray," December 21, 2003, at


The word refers to a type of robotic

research. The robots produced by this research "look like" animals, and they appear to "come to life" to perform for us. From the former Chuck E. Cheese animatronic band, to Disney's Country Bear Jamboree and the Hall of Presidents, we have been entertained with the lifelike motions of these machines for years.

Animatronics have become so common, they even appear in our Christmas decorations -- from the lawn reindeer whose head bobs up and down appearing to eat the...

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