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What's Wrong with Being Happy? Philippians 4:4-7

What's Wrong with Being Happy?

Happiness is a feeling that comes from doing what pleases God.

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A new study says that if we're ever going to be happy, it's likely to happen in our 50s. This leads us to ask if happiness is a suitable goal for a follower of Jesus.

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For material based on the reading from Zephaniah, see "Give Me a Sign!," December 13, 2009, at

If you're ever going to be happy, it may be when you're 58 years old.

That's the finding of a study conducted last year by Happify, a website and app that develops games and activities based on scientific research into happiness.

So if you're younger than 58, it's something to look forward to. But if you're older than 58, it doesn't mean you've missed the "happy year." That's because, according to the research, happiness tends to increase as you age beyond 58.

The study found that most people are pretty happy at 18, but that happiness dips in the middle years, bottoming out at about 53. At this point, things start looking up again, and happiness gains even more traction from 58...

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