Bringing the Text to Life

Ruth and the Matchmaker Ruth 3:1-5; 4:13-17

Ruth and the Matchmaker

Ruth's remarkable love story calls us to love God through serving others.

At a Glance

Internet dating sites have been around for some time. But now, the ancient art of matchmaking is coming back. This recalls the story of Naomi and her efforts to get a husband for her daughter-in-law Ruth.

Editors' Pick

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Honestly now. If you're a parent with marriageable kids, there are times when you wish you could just pick a spouse for your child and be done with it. You know the perfect person!

And why not? In many places in the world, this is exactly what parents do! In fact, some sources say that 54 percent of marriages worldwide are arranged marriages. In India, the figure may be as high as 89 percent.

Visit People's Square in Shanghai on any Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and you may wander in on the Shanghai Marriage Market. Here, parents gather to find just the right person for their unmarried child, factoring in such attributes as income, job, home...

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